Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To Begin...

This is the first post of probably way too many, or very's hard to my earliest romps on the net I gathered at least a dozen email addresses and several now defunct webpages, all of which I obsessed over for a while and then abandoned mercilessly as the desire left me...I am a bad internet mother. I create these wayward children of my diseased little brain and then leave them to flounder in the open vacuum of cyberspace. Do you think the virtual social workers will come for me soon? Should I be blogging under an assumed name? Considering some of the things that occur to me to write, it is a distinct possibility.

In any case, here I am, just what the title says and obsessive-compulsive feminist lesbian pagan...I am currently working on dual degrees in women's studies and religion at Florida State University, and on some days, I would also say a nervous breakdown. I struggle daily with my ocd as I have for years, and it has, over the last few years, become an increasingly large part of my mental landscape. I also struggle daily with what it means to be a feminist lesbian pagan who hails from rural Alabama and with what I am planning to do with my degrees once conferred. Whatever weirdness and possible profound thoughts appear here are my way of working through all of this and, sometimes, lashing out a world in which I find it increasingly hard to function on both practical and existential levels. Forgive my randomness and occasional rage, and we shall be wonderful friends.

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