Tuesday, December 15, 2009

just an update

okay, so i haven't been on here in ages! i had to come drop off some books at the library on campus, and i thought i'd give you all a heads-up on life and my general obsessions:

1. i successfully defended my honors thesis on Quiverfull! yay! this means i will graduate with honors in women's studies. the defense was not half as bad as i assumed it would be, by the way.
2. due to an awesome professor, i will be able to take the gre! (tomorrow morning, in fact) this means i can apply to grad school for next fall instead of having to take a year off!
3. i am now done with spanish! woot!
4. anna and i are enjoying the hell out of having our own place again. we got all the yule decorations up and functioning last week!
5. i am still sans-employment, but not from lack of effort. i have sent i don't know how many resumes and applications off in the past couple of months. i've had a couple of interviews, but nothing has panned out.
6. my dad's mom, mama betts, died a couple of weeks ago. she and i weren't close, but i miss her regardless. mema, on the other hand, is doing okay. i call her nursing home every week to check on her, and her nurses are so sweet!

i think that's all in my life...but you know my obsessions: michelle duggar gave birth to josie brooklyn duggar a bit early due to preeclampsia...now there's 19 of them plus the daughter-in-law and the granddaughter...at this rate, in a few years, it'll be the united states of duggar...

since we have no internet at the apartment, and it is really hard to type a blog on my phone, though i have and will do it occasionally, this blog will continue to be a bit sparse until after the new semester starts in january...


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