Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blog. Short. Too. Angry.

So, when I finish my application filling for the day, I go answer questions at one of those stupid "text us anything" sites for two cents an answer. I think I have made about $1.20 in two days, but that's not the point. This person sent in "Is it unethical to buy $200 sunglasses?" We could debate this particular issue for hours, but again, not the point. The point is that this ass just asked if spending $200 on regular sunglasses (not prescription) was unethical to a person making TWO CENTS an answer! Pardon me while I scream and drive my blood pressure up.

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eshawntel81 said...

When I was a kid my dad once told me that he read somewhere that if a person spent their entire day picking up one penny at a time off the ground, they wouldn't be able to make minimum wage. I'm not sure if that was bulls**t to get me to quit bending over in the middle of busy parking lots to pick up a lost penny or if it was, in fact, published somewhere. Either way, when you think about it bending over 731 times an hour would bite. All this is to say, I know two cents is better than no cents, but it's just insulting that that's the best they're willing to offer. Jerks.