Saturday, April 25, 2009

the flaming liberal weighs in

I will be the first to admit that I am not the most politically savvy person, hence the reason I am a women’s studies/religion major and nota political science major. I also do not follow the news as closely as I probably should. When something seems particularly important or I happen to catch something that pisses me off inordinately much, whoever follows me generally knows it. But in general, I do not take up blog space with much political commentary. I am about to make an exception. Kathleen, my apparently much more politically aware friend, tagged me in a face book note, and I shall respond. (To read the original note, go to )

It is no big secret or surprise that I voted for Obama. At the very least, he was the lesser of two evils, and at best, I thought he might possibly make good on at least a few promises. (Of course, anyone with half a brain cell functioning should realize that no politician does everything s/he says s/he will do while on the campaign trail.) I am under no delusion that he will actually do a great deal to improve my immediate situation in which I find myself classified basically as a second-class citizen. However, I must agree with Kathleen on at least one point.

From the moment Obama chose Rick Warren to pray at the inauguration, I felt trouble brewing. Rick Warren is an odious creature I have not one positive comment about, and I will therefore continue on my way. I will say that it was a huge slap in the face to the glbt community, much of which backed Obama from day one, to have someone so opposed to our welfare presenting anything significant at any government function. He also, as Kathleen pointed out, has not even made mention of the atrocity known as the defense of marriage act. I never believed he would walk in and throw same-sex marriage at congress on day two, but bare minimum, I did expect some sort of civil union talk by now.

In short, I am still hopeful about the Obama administration. Michelle planted a vegetable garden at the white house and refused the agri-business suggestion of chemicals--pure organic, baby. I heard he replaced some government vehicles with hybrids. But on the issues closest to my interests, he has yet to show much promise. All the gay community can do now is watch and wait…

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